Want to avoid looking mad or troubled?

A University of Wisconsin study finds that when Botox blocked the muscles that generate an angry facial expression, the subjects couldn’t understand angry sentences as quickly. Read more here

Currently, there is considerable interest in keeping our “bad feelings” at bay in our lives so more studies will continue on this cognitive connection between our muscle movement and our emotions.

What does that mean for the role that Botox might play in your life?  Could you eliminate your angry or troubled expression?  Would you perceive less anger or trouble around you in the world if you did?

Recently we shared Brotox (Brothers getting Botox) was the number one cosmetic procedure for men recently.  Even men have “caught on” to the advantages of the smoother, fresher look Botox provides.  We see many male patients who want to “look good” for a certain event and time their visit accordingly.  The holidays provide the motivation around now.

At RAD, we can expertly and safely help you smooth those “11”s (vertical wrinkles between your brows), broad forehead wrinkles or the “crows feet” on the outside of each eye?  We have the knowledge and experience to create a more pleasant facial appearance for you, our patient, whether male or female.

To read more click here and read about Botox at Richard Assaf Dermatology or call us at 440-871-0410 and we will be happy to answer your questions in person.

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