Sunscreens – best preventative medicine for premature skin aging year round


ImageJust because it’s the fall season, don’t forget your sunscreen.  Using sunscreen year-round is your best preventative medicine against premature skin aging; fine lines, wrinkles and sagging due to UV exposure.  Regular use is crucial to lowering your risk of skin cancer.

It’s important to select a sunscreen with a “Sun Protection Factor” (SPF) of at least 30.  This SPF protects against burning rays from the sun.  Physical sunscreens are less likely to cause allergic reactions and they start working immediately once they are applied to the skin – as opposed to chemical sunscreens which require about 30 minutes to work.  This makes them useful options for children with sensitive skin or who are too impatient to wait before going out in the sun.  We offer a physical sunscreen Elta MD Physical – with a SPF rating of 41.  It is tinted so as to match all skin types and creates a natural-looking foundation.

However, in selecting sunscreen, you also want to look for the words BROAD SPECTRUM on the label as well because that means in will protect against UVA rays that are out even on a cloudy winter day.  UVA rays come through your car window or your window at work.  These are the rays that primarily lead to premature skin aging.

Other sunscreen tips:

  • Keep sunscreen in your car, purse, backpack, and sports bag, and with camping gear and gardening tools so you don’t forget to use it.
  • Find a sunscreen that fits your budget so that you use it regularly, re-apply it often and are willing to share it with your family and friends.

For more information go to, then the education tab, and type sunscreens in the search box.

Eight of the most common risk factors for Melanoma


Some of the risk factors for Melanoma include:

1. abnormal moles

2. more than 50 ordinary moles

3. fair skin

4.  personal history of melanoma or skin cancer

5.  family history

6. weakened immune system

7. severe blistering sunburns

8. ultraviolet radiation

To read more go to and type in “melanoma” in the open search bar.